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High velocity leadership: how to stay focused on growth

HighVelocityLeadership.pngOrganizations today are looking for deep insight into the trends that will affect their markets and industries. CEO’s are focused on the need for innovation, knowing that a world of high velocity change requires that they respond to opportunity and challenge in an instant. They are looking for guidance on establishing high-performance, innovation oriented teams that are focused on achievement.

I’ve been doing quite a bit in this area; the other day, I spent time with a global organization, for a full day, with a keynote and workshop focused on the issue of “growth.” It’s easy — in a challenged economy — to lose sight of opportunities for growth. That’s what I talk about in the recent interview by Credit Suisse.

With this particular client — and many others — I went beyond a keynote, and participated for the balance of the day through a series of workshops. This new document outlines what I do: I’m often called upon to deliver unique, half day or full day executive retreat, leadership oriented programs.

More information:

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