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“Everybody knows……” : Why companies fail at innovation

I spend a LOT of time doing talks at corporate meetings; often, a CEO or CxO leadership event for a Fortune 1000 company.

hand pushing innovation button on a touch screen interfaceI’ve been invited in to give a keynote that will focus on future trends that might impact the organization, and outline some opportunities for innovation. I’ve been this for well over twenty years.

Yet often times, I’ll discover an organization that is stuck, like a deer in the headlights, because innovation remains a concept that is somehow totally foreign. And so I’ve seen this type of thing happen over and over…. why organizatons often fail at innovation:

  • everybody knows something needs to be done
  • there are an awful lot of ideas as to what to do
  • no one knows where to start
  • no one has the courage to make the first step
  • and in fact, no one has been charged with the responsibility to take over and manage a first step
  • there is a rampant fear that if we don’t do it, it just won’t end up well
  • everyone remembers the other time somebody tried to do something new, they ended up being recriminated
  • the result is that likely some other company – most likely a competitor — will end up doing exactly what should have been done

World class innovators don’t fall into this trap. They just do what needs to be done!


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