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Client promo videos

An increasing number of clients are looking for a short little video to promote their event, and I’ve been delivering. A number of sample videos are below.

The first is for 2 client events I am doing for Baker McKenzie, one of the largest law firms in the US, in Chicago and Dallas. I did a quick video on stage before a keynote in Las Vegas.

This one was filmed in Orlando, for my keynote tomorrow for the annual Coffee, Tea & Water conference.

And finally, this one for the SAP Utilities conference was filmed while I was a little busy doing something else!

It’s easy to do this: I film the storyline, and then send it to my overseas producer, Armine Simonyan. She’s a Television LiveNews broadcasting specialist based in Russia, with an extensive experience of graphic designer skills. She’ll take my raw material and turns it into something magica! In addition to her TV news experience, she has worked on various overseas version of Deal no Deal, Dancing with The Stars and many other popular show programs.

If you are interested in one of these video clips for your event, it’s part of the process, and we simply need to talk about the storyline, key issues that I can raise in the video and other details.

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