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International futurist, trends and innovation expert, Jim Carroll has spoken to thousands of media representatives through the years, providing his unique blend of insight into global economic trends, as well as business, workplace, lifestyle, demographic, and career issues.

He has been covered or interviewed with TV, radio, print, newspapers and trade magazines, including some of the following.

He has covered trends and innovation issues in dozens of books, in over 600 articles, and in over 3,000 interviews on radio, television and in print,.

He is frequently covered in the magazines of the associations who book him for keynotes for their conferences, including these articles for the National Recreation and Parks Association, the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) of America and the Produce Marketing Association.

Media Gallery Samples

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Credit Suisse Interviews Jim Carroll (click to read the PDF article)

Media Experience

Jim has also:

  • hosted 3 national radio shows, which included all content development
  • hosted an “innovation” channel for a major online media portal
  • put together almost a dozen customer interview Webcasts for SAP, one of the world’s largest software companies

Jim is known for providing quick and concise insight to the media on countless leading edge issues of the day — and speaks in effective, memorable sound bites. He’s also a nice guy and very approachable.

You can also explore some of his blog posts and insight by various industry categories:

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