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Jim Carroll on stage for Pearson PLC CITE 2011 in Denver, Colorado

“An outstanding presentation for an industry and association that falls on its traditions so often. We learned that our tradition should not be something that holds us back, but rather the launching pad for innovation for the future. Thanks Jim for your thought provoking presentation!” 94th PGA of America Annual General Meeting

“Jim’s storytelling approach really helps to get his points across.  Humor was used appropriately and at the right time, and the examples used were relevant to the message of the overall presentation.  He did a great job!” The Walt Disney  Company

“Jim Carroll recently presented at Lockheed Martin’s Executive HR Leadership conference. His content was very provocative, fascinating, and relevant. I’ve embedded a couple of his nuggets into my operating model”  Lockheed Martin

“Bringing Jim into our MLC Sales Conference in Sydney through a fibre optic line was truly incredible. The key note session Jim delivered was on the money, he exceeded my expectations.” MLC National Australia Bank

“The folks were very pleased with your presentation. On a scale of 1-5, you received all 5’s… even a couple of 6’s.” North Carolina Hospital Association

“I have been working with Jim for the past four years, and, without question, he is one of the most dynamic speakers and professional partners I’ve ever come across. Our audiences (internal and external) love him, and he works wonderfully with our customers. ….I’m willing to bet your first experience will lead to many, many more, as it has with SAP. I wish you the best with him….book him before someone else does!” SAP

“Jim is one of the best speakers we had.  He had excellent information that our attendees could take home and incorporate it into their plans immediately.  He also incorporated our messages into his presentation that helped localize the information for our group.  Highly recommended!”  Illinois Bureau of Tourism.

“After seeing Jim speak at another conference, I was so motivated by his presentation, I invited Jim to speak at a conference for my organization. Another home run! Powerful, articulate, thought provoking and energetic! Jim’s delivery on the importance of staying abreast of rapidly changing trends truly can assist in changing the way we do business!” US Navy, Air Force, Marine Child Youth Program Conference

“Thank you for a stirring and memorable presentation. Your talk was not only timely, it was the message the representatives of our member-societies needed to hear!” National Fraternal Congress of America

“Your talk was a big hit and a great way to open the conference!” Society for Information Management

“Thank you for an outstanding opening keynote for the 10th Anniversary Opportunities Conference: you received a 100% approval rating which has only been achieved 2 other times in our 10 year history!” Opportunities 2009 Conference Organizer

“Many thanks for your presentation, “7 Things You Need to Do Right Now:  Aligning the Fast Future to Your Current Strategy” It couldn’t have been more energy filled and dynamic to start the conference out on the right foot.  It was exactly what the audience wanted and needed to hear.  The feedback from all attendees was excellent!” VIBE 2010 conference

“@jimcarroll Awesome presentation at #ilgc! Thanks!” Seen on Twitter, Illinois Governor Tourism Conference

“@jimcarroll Great use of Twitter & txt poll in your presentation. People had their jaws dropped. Very cool.” #ilgc Seen on Twitter, Illinois Governor Tourism Conference

“As far as hitting the mark, your presentation was timely and very much on target.  I’ve received nothing but positive feedback!”  Rockwell Collins

“Thanks so much for an excellent presentation! We are already talking about having you return in a couple of years to re-access what has happened in our industry…….” Picture Archive Council of America

You were superb!  As we make changes your message could not have come at a better time.  This group likes tradition but unfortunately that often gets in the way of moving forward.  Thank you again for reminding us that our greater responsibility is to the future!” National Recreation and Parks Association

“. . . in the ten years that I have been organizing conferences I have not run across a more pertinent and energizing keynote presentation.”  GEOTec Media

“We were extremely pleased with Jim’s presentation….. the content was great and would hopefully prompt people to think about the rapidity of change going on in our world!” Walt Disney Organization

…thank you for a job well done. Everyone seemed to be quite impressed with the amount of research you did on the company and the way you integrated Parker into your presentation…it really set the stage for the rest of the meeting…” Parker Hannifin Corporation

“Thanks again for your first class presentation.  It really hit home and was right on the money!” ADS Pipe

“@jimcarroll is the speaker for the lunch session, he’s truly a great speaker, makes you think!” Seen on Twitter, Illinois Governor Tourism Conference

“The audience was clearly fascinated by your presentation, which was rich in content and extremely relevant.” Trillium Health Center

“Not only did our audience benefit from Jim’s keynote – but his insight and presentation bode well for us in press coverage after the event…..Jim is a gretat speaker, lots of energy and his information is fresh because he lives the future life…not just talks about it.” Society of Cable Telecom Engineers

” Our team found your presentation timely, educational and, most of all, relevant for our professional and personal lives. Your address back in July aided immeasurably in helping the team think about the future in a different way and I wanted to personally thank you for that contribution.” Waters Corporation

“…the ‘What’s Your Tin Can?’ session was highly interactive, thought provoking, humorous and provided a springboard for changes in our organization. I also appreciated the way you tailored the session so that our industry was discussed and, therefore, the participants were engaged.” Wirtz Beverage Group

“…our intention was to wake up the conference attendees and to give them a glimpse of the future, and you succeeded on both counts. Your energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and your insights were informative.” Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals

“I can think of no greater keynote speaker presentation through which I’ve sat, and I am confident that we will be looking to use him again at future conferences. The thought leadership and action provoking sentiments that he evokes are truly remarkable. Without question, his insights are what many companies need as numerous organizations begin their climb out of some of the troubling days of late and into the revitalized times ahead.” SAP North America

“I knew from the moment you used a ketchup bottle to effectively illustrate how change impacts all of us that your presentation would be anything but typical. You were spectacular! ….. Feedback on you and your presentation were phenomenally positive. Our attendees were particularly impressed with how you demonstrated ways in which they could immediately apply what they had learned.” American Payroll Association

“One of Jim’s strengths as a speaker is the preparation he does in advance of the event, to customize his message so that it truly resonates with a particular audience. Our members started the day with Jim …and were still talking about what they heard at the reception late into the night. 300 grey haired folks waking up to change and innovation… great job! ( this is quoted from our evaluation form ) Jim took the time to study our organization in advance of the conference, and our members appreciated that his message reflected the reality of the changes in their profession.” Appraisal Institute of Canada

“ was amazing that you hit the target so precisely….your presentation was unforgettable and will be long talked about at future meetings.” Logistics Management Institute, US Department of Defense

“All the feedback I have received has been positive. Both on the message and humor of your presentation….Most of the crowd and management agreed that you were the best speaker we’ve had in the last few years. ” National Rural Telephone Association / National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association

“Jim really walks his talk! His commitment to preparatory research for our presentation was most impressive. Jim’s material is powerfully relevant, practical and actionable. He engages the audience with humor, sharing of personal experiences and unfailing courtesy and respect for his audience.” Rogers Communications Inc

“….it was obvious that your research and commitment to the task were noted as you presented to the group and tied the conference theme to your overall goals.” American Federation of Teachers

“…the preparation you did about the market prior to us engaging you and then the research for your talk were strong. You walked the talk…” Packaging Machinery Manufactures Institute— MarketTrends Conference

“…your keynote was exceptional. I was approached by dozens of people who felt your speech was thought provoking, informative and entertaining…..” Cleveland World Trade Center

“I received terrific feedback from my fellow YPO’ers about the time we spent with you last night. You really opened up some interesting and thought-provoking areas for each of them and did so in a ‘no-nonsense’…straight-goods approach. Thanks for doing such a great job reading these people ….Great job!” Young Presidents Association

“I have never had the pleasure of hearing someone speak to a crowd the way you do. You have an exceptional way of bringing together the old with the new, the reality of today with what is in store for our future.” Enbridge Integrated Building Technologies

“Evaluations consistently rated your presentation 5 out of 5!” Microsoft

“I just wanted to pass on again my personal thanks for the excellent talk….there’s no doubt your talk will provoke on going discussions at all levels in the BBC for months to come.” British Broadcasting Corporation

“Everyone thought that you completely underscored the importance of creativity and innovation with a presentation full of energy and compelling information.” CBS/Infinity Broadcasting

“Several registrants mentioned that your vision of the future helped to stimulate their ‘creative thinking.’ They especially liked your sense of humor.” International Asset Management Council Professional Forum

“Your presentation was up-to-the-minute timely, possible only because of your ability to work with conference organizers in advance to determine our needs. This is a rare gift among keynote speakers, and greatly appreciated!” International Newspaper Marketing Association

“…. your speech won, by far, the vote for best speaker/best speech/hot topic/most fun.” Excel Switching / Lucent Technologies

“Your use of anecdotal information backed up by research validated your thoughts and helped create a platform for future thinking. We really appreciated your cooperative nature and your willingness to work with us to tailor a presentation to meet our specific needs….A friendly and down to earth presentation style is obviously your strong suit. All of our attendees were made to feel comfortable and part of the discussion.” Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

“Jim, I enjoyed your presentation for the insurance industry. Actually I REALLY enjoyed your presentation. I found the statistics/quotes specific and as always amazing. Why more people don’t wake up….is beyond me. I particularly enjoyed how you punched and poked at the senior executives in the room to get off their butts or be left behind. Well done!” Insurance Communications Network

“Energetic, refreshing, meaningful …you definitively set the stage for the next day.” Roche Diagnostics“…you have an incredible talent of combining humor with well researched fact.” OMSSA

“Your use of humor throughout your speech was very enlightening. Not everyone has the ability to blend it in and make it work! Well done!” Monsanto

“It was especially impressive how you tailored your presentation to our executives — speaking directly about how global trends are affecting the utility industry made quite an impact…..I personally found you quite entertaining — your delivery was a unique combination of fact-based information and humor.” Systems & Software

“It was excellent Jim, all around, the talk, the faculty workshop, the panel! You served us extremely well, you were the buzz of the conference, set the tone and the pace, very informative, energizing, and dynamic. Well done!” strong>Moorehead State University/Ashland Kentucky Entrepreneur Conference