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What Jim Does

Some of the world’s leading organizations turn to Jim Carroll for insight into future trends and innovation.

In his keynotes, workshops and leadership meetings, Jim Carroll provides specific, concrete guidance on the key management and innovation strategies that should be pursued by the client to ensure that their activities are closely aligned with significant future trends.

Jim wakes people up to the trends that will affect them, and challenges them to cope with a world that continues to witness constant, dramatic change.

Essentially, Jim assists in organizations in dealing with the future, trends and innovation through three distinct types of events:

  • as the opening or closing keynote speaker for the annual meetings/conferences of national or international associations
  • through keynotes or workshops for private corporate leadership, offsite meetings or Board events, ranging from small groups of 15 to several hundred executives
  • through keynotes or participation on panel discussions on customer oriented meetings or promotional events

Jim provides:

  • unique, detailed, customized insight into workplace, business, economic, current events, social and cultural trends, as well as into demographic, lifestyle and technology issues, based on highly original research
  • insight as to how organizations can become more competitive, innovative and adaptable
  • a very dynamic and motivational presentation that involves his signature humor, high-level energy, deep insight and challenging observations.

Jim builds his presentation according to your specific industry challenges, including:

  • how to realign business strategy for fast-paced economic trends and new business realities and business model change
  • the emerging trends, threats and opportunities that will impact your organization
  • how to become a more forward thinking organization that can anticipate and manage change
  • how staff can make the transition from a tactical role to a strategic role
  • guidance on how to do things differently in a world that demands constant, relentless innovation.