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Jim Carroll is very approachable, and is available for quick phone or e-mail consultations with respect to your upcoming meeting or event. Yes, you can call him to inquire about fees.

He can quickly outline how he will provide you with a highly customized, relevant presentation, and how he can help you solve some of the critical business issues you face.

E -mail :

Skype: futurist-jimcarroll
(You will need to request Jim to confirm you on Skype. Note : telemarketing calls are not welcome!)

United States: 347.3-FUTURE
United States 214.473.4850
Canada: 905.855.2950
UK / Europe: +44. 20 3239 5462
Hong Kong & Asia Pacific +852. 8176.4852

Jim is represented by many of the world’s leading speakers bureaus, including Keynote Speakers, Gold Stars Speakers (who booked him into the PGA of America and an event in St. Andrews Scotland!), Washington Speakers, Premiere Speakers, Speakers Exchange, National Speakers Bureau, Collaborative Speakers, and Speakers Spotlight and many others.

If you were directed to this site, or found Jim via one of these bureaus, he’d like to ensure that they remain in the loop with any contact and booking arrangements.

We welcome your inquiries into Jim's availability and / or fees. Please provide the information below, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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