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Corporate governance

What does one of the world’s leading futurists, trends & innovation experts do when it comes to career evolution? Continue the role, but in a more substantive, hands on fashion, at the Board level.

Jim Carroll is a recent graduate of the prestigious University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management Director’s Education Program. It featured an intense 12 day executive level education program that focuses on corporate governance issues. It part of the process by which Jim will continue providing his unique guidance to a few select organizations as a corporate board member.

For over two decades, Jim Carroll has been providing his clients with:

  • unique, detailed, customized insight into workplace, business, economic, current events, social and cultural trends, as well as into demographic, lifestyle and technology issues, based on highly original research.
  • insight as to how these organizations can become more competitive, innovative and adaptable, and that are open to the opportunities of the future

Most often, Jim’s services are arranged for by the CEO or other senior management representative through one of the many global speakers bureaus / agencies that represent him, in order to help to shape the strategic direction of the organization.

This includes specific, concrete guidance on the the key management and innovation strategies that should be pursued to ensure that the activities of the organization are closely aligned with significant future trends.

There is no doubt that both corporate and not-for-profit organizations are faced with significant challenges, particularly with the continued impact of globalization, heightened  market competition, rapid business model change and the impact of new technologies. Jim is a passionate believer that organizations need to continually challenge themselves to keep up with rapid change in the business environment in which they operate. Ongoing transformational change throughout the business landscape will continue to lead to corporate baords playing a more significant role in helping to steer the CEO and the organization through these changes

Jim’s involvement in the Directors Education Program adds additional insight to Jim’s unique strategic role. Add to that the fact that he is a professional Chartered Accountant by background, and you’ve got the ingredients for a hands-on, future oriented 21st century Board member. (Jim served on a public company board in the past, playing a significant role on a special committee evaluating a takeover bid.)

Jim’s plan is to position himself, over a five year term, as a corporate director on several public company boards, and to further provide his insight to two charities that make a substantive impact on deep societal challenges.



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