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Fee Information – Jim Carroll

Jim takes on a limited number of events and meetings per year. He’s a big believer that the quality of the work is far more important than quantity, and hence has a fee structure that allows him to undertake the detailed research and planning for your event. Feel free to contact him to discuss your potential requirements.


Keynote Fee Information for Jim Carroll

(Fees are for a keynote. 1/2 day and full day fees involving workshops/seminars will be provided upon request. All fees are in USD unless otherwise stated)

United States

  • Eastern events $17,500 plus travel
  • Western events $20,000 plus travel


  • $15,000CAD plus travel


$25,000 to $50,000 plus business class travel for 2. Jim will provide a customized quote upon request.

Middle East / Asia / Pacific

$35,000 to $60,000 plus business class travel for 2. Jim will provide a customized quote upon request.


Jim makes all of his travel arrangements, and will not use the services of your corporate travel department. He will arrange a flat fee airfare equivalent to full fare business / economy, and provide you a quote on that airfare based on your location.

You are responsible for arranging ground transportation and hotel in host city.

Contracting process

Jim’s office will initiate and manage the contracting process, based upon a simple, 4 page performance oriented contract. We can provide a draft copy of our standard contract upon request.

Speaker Bureau Relationships

Jim has a close business relationship with dozens of speakers bureaus worldwide who introduce him to their client base.

  • iI you found Jim via such a bureau, let’s make sure to keep them involved – he respects his business relationships. Keep in mind that whether you contract for Jim directly or through the bureau by which you found him, it will make no difference to the fee structure.
  • if you found Jim via Google or other search methods, then it’s easy to work directly…