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Ontario School Counsellors’ Association Proposal

Welcome! Here’s some information that I promised to Jacquie as you consider your options for a keynote for your 2017 conference in Toronto in November.

I did a little video intro for you. My son was annoying at the start. I didn’t edit him out.


Sixty five percent of the children who are in pre-school today will work in a job or career that doesn’t yet exist. Half of what students learn in their first year at college is obsolete or revised—by the time they graduate. Fifty percent of the U.S. gross domestic product will be taken up by training and knowledge activities within the decade.

What should school guidance counsellors be thinking about as such rapid change unfolds? Futurist, trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll succinctly puts into perspective both the challenge and opportunities that exist in the future for education, and how guidance counsellors must challenge their thinking in order to keep up with a fast paced future. Jim will provide concise insight that links a wide variety of global social, demographic, scientific, technological, business and other trends to the impact on education.

Carroll will challenge us to think innovation in context of the future careers of the kids we guide. A world that has rapid knowledge obsolescence and emergence, the disappearance of existing careers and the emergence of new careers, an ongoing need for continuous knowledge replenishment and the migration of knowledge generation further away from academia. There’s a massively increased challenge from overseas knowledge generation, the fast emergence of new micro-careers, an economy that succeeds through knowledge deployment and a fundamental transformation in the role of educational institutions – and an increasing focus on “just-in-time” knowledge.

Make sure to join us a the 2017 conference as Jim takes us into a voyage on what comes next, and what we need to do about it!

It’s all About the Kids – And Their New Careers!

Jim keynoted EdNet 2016 in Dallas. To prepare, he went into the classroom of a good golfing buddy, and had the Grade 5 kids tell us what jobs they would work in at some time in the future!

Sponsors Potential : Jim Can Interview With Your Lead Sponsors

Jim can work with your sponsor in terms of an onsite video that can help them get additional bang for their investment buck; contribute to their blog; or other methods. He spoke to Jacqui at length as to some ideas as to how this could work.

Education Clients

You’re getting a world class speaker who happens to live in Mississauga. Jim’s sons, now 21 and 23, went to Port Credit and Cawthra, and so he has first hand experience.

Jim Carroll has been the keynote or leadership speaker for a wide variety of major education clients and conferences, including • American Society of Private College & Universities • Institute for Credentialing Excellence • American Society of Testing Professionals • James Madison University • Pearson CITE National Education Conference • Cengage Learning Corporation • College Board Colloquium • Pearson Global • University of Oklahoma • National Association of College Stores • Texas College & University Professionals Facility Managers • Blackboard Systems

Jim was the opening keynote speaker for the most recent WorldSkills conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Read more 

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