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Speakers bureau information

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Jim Carroll on stage for the PGA of America!

Here’s the information you need for your booking.


Access them here.  Click any image to download a hi-resolution file.

AV Requirements

Jim Carroll uses Keynote on a MacPro laptop and has his own remote. The laptop needs to be on stage with him (preferably on a small table; Jim does not use nor need a podium). He can provide either a VGA or DVI signal. (Jim has both “dongles’.) Jim requires a  lavaliere microphone.


Permission may be granted to video record this presentation for archives and for the use of 2-4 short clips of 3-4 minutes in length for use on the client’s website for a limited time. The client must sent a copy of the recording, in high quality digital video format (thumb drive or USB drive) within two weeks of the event. Jim can accept any type of video format.

Preferred Introduction

Jim Caroll is one of the world’s leading international futurists, trends and innovation experts, with a client list that ranges from Northrop Grumman to Johnson & Johnson, the Swiss Innovation Forum to the National Australia Bank; the Walt Disney Organization to NASA. His focus is on helping to transform growth oriented organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes.

Jim loves to golf, but isn’t very good at it, which caused him some amazement when he was invited to open the 94th Annual General Meeting of the PGA — the Professional Golf Association of America — to challenge 500 golf pros as to how to think about innovation and future trends.

Jim was the first speaker the PGA has ever engaged to speak at their AGM, and has high hopes that he has helped to shape the future direction of the world’s largest sport. He’s also hoping to inspire you in a similar way here this morning at your event.”


There’s a long bio here. Please feel free to edit as necessary.


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