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Hundreds of thousands have seen Jim Carroll on stage with a keynote focused on future trends, innovation & creativity … and how to thrive in the new, high-velocity global economy.

Jim Carroll assists in organizations in dealing with the future, trends and innovation through three distinct types of events:

  • as the opening or closing keynote speaker for the annual meetings/conferences of national or international associations
  • keynotes or workshops for private corporate leadership events, strategic planning or Board meetings, which can range from small groups of 15 to several hundred executives
  • keynotes or panel discussions at customer oriented meetings or promotional events

Over the last 20 years, he has spoken to and interacted with hundreds of thousands of people as a keynote speaker at major events and conferences, dinners, awards presentations and PR launch events worldwide.

He brings a wealth of experience, insight and deep research to your event, with a talk / workshop that is highly customized to your needs. Some of the recent keynote titles have been on these themes:

  • Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast: Innovating in the Age of Acceleration (read more)
  • What Do World Class Innovators Do That Others Don’t Do?
  • Big Trends in Agriculture: What Ag Will Look Like In 2045
  • The Internet of Things: Disruption and Opportunity in an Era of Pervasive Connectivity (read more)
  • When Do We Get to Normal? Why Thinking BIG Will Help You Seize The Opportunities of the 21st Century
  • Healthcare 2020: The Transformative Trends That Will REALLY Define Our Future (read more)
  • Location is the New Intelligence: Customer Interaction in the Era of Pervasive Mobile
  • Moving Beyond the Meltdown: Aligning Yourself for Growth Through Innovation
  • 7 Things You Need to Do Right Now: Aligning The Fast Future to Your Current Strategy
  • Where’s the Growth? Transformative Opportunities for Transformative Times
  • What’s Happening with Our Workforce: Making Generations Work!

Key concept:Forget about the concept of innovation as simply involving the design of cool new products. In the high-velocity economy, where faster is the new fast, it’s your ability to adapt, change, and evolve, through a constant flood of new ideas, that will define your potential for success” – Jim Carroll

Feel free to contact Jim with details on your event or meeting; he will get back to you as quickly as possible with his fee information, and his thoughts on how he might be able to play a role in your event or meeting.

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