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Deep Customization

In an era of rapid market, profession, industry and global change, you likely need some help in getting a key message out to your members, staff or executive team. Or perhaps you are trying to instill creativity into your team, in order to meet head-on the challenges of the world today. Or maybe you just want a great, fun, stimulating and thought provoking keynote for your next conference or event.

You’ve come to the right place — Jim Carroll has earned a global reputation as a creativity, trends and innovation expert who pulls together highly customized presentations based on often fanatical levels of original research.

Here’s an example: Jim’s on stage in New Orleans for WEFTec 2012, the world’s largest water conference – with a keynote that takes a detailed look at the issues and challenges involving “this most precious resource.”

Jim does his homework on the industry, association, company or profession that he is speaking to. That’s because Jim believes that a keynote, workshop or executive strategy session will only be effective if it speaks directly to the audience. Canned speeches on the same old stuff simply don’t cut it! He knows that every event has an objective, and works to ensure that his presentation will play a key role in the overall success of the event.

Jim can examine any topic or issue involving trends, the future, change and innovation. He starts out by having a lengthy discussion with the client representatives and/or meeting planners, to gain insight into the issues that are important to them—and that need to be addressed!

He then undertakes an extensive amount of research (20+ hours in many situations) examining relevant industry journals, publications and newsletters as well as other sources, to properly frame the issues, define best practices, provide examples, and to obtain other specific relevant content.If necessary, Jim also speaks to industry experts or representatives within your organization to gain further knowledge.He discusses his efforts along the way to ensure that the development of his talk remains on target.

All of this means that by the time Jim presents, he is speaking about issues that are of relevance to the audience. He provides useful case studies that can back up his observations. He mixes in very specific quotes and examples.

How effective is his customization? Consider one example – when he spoke to an agricultural conference, one delegate actually asked him how long he had been a farmer!