65% of the kids in preschool today will work in a job or career that doesn’t yet exist

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A vast number of Fortune 1000 organizations, associations and corporate organizations worldwide continue to book Jim Carroll for his strategic insight and his inspirational message on future trends & innovation.  With a client list that includes the Walt Disney Company, the PGA of America, NASA, and Johnson & Johnson, Jim’s unique insight is a much sought after commodity! 

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What are some of the issues his clients are focused upon, and what type of insight are they seeking from Jim?

  • The Internet of Things: Jim Carroll has been talking on stage about the Internet of things since the late 1990’s, when he began using the phrase “hyper connectivity” to describe a world in which “every device that is a part of our daily lives is about to become plugged in.” Since then, he has delivered his insight on the topic to a wide variety of organizations: several global technology leaders with a keynote talk on the future of home automation; several of the world’s largest HVAC companies about what happens when a global, intelligent home and industrial energy infrastructure emerges through widespread connectivity; consumer, food and packaged goods conferences about the impact of intelligent packaging. He has been booked by many leading global health care organizations for keynotes that have focused on what happens when consumers start aligning their wellness strategies through their own personal healthcare infrastructure.
  • Bold, transformative thinking. People know that given a world of accelerating change, it is critical to “think big.” Jim was invited in by NASA to help shape their thinking about the future in light of the significant transformative change that the organization is faced with – with an audience of launch directors, several astronauts and senior program managers of both manned and unmanned space flight. Jim has taken on similar assignments to encourage bold thinking — with another recent event involving the opening keynote for a meeting of the top 500 military commanders and senior researchers for the US Air Force Research Laboratory — the group that managers the entire R&D budget for the leading military organization in the world.
  • Aligning strategy to innovation and dealing with fast rates of change: When the PGA – Professional Golfers Association of America – chose an external speaker to open their 94th Annual General Meeting, they went with Jim Carroll. They’d never hired an external speaker before in their history, and after the keynote, Allen Wronowski, the President of the PGA had this to say: “Futurist Jim Carroll helped stimulate the thought process with his keynote address about the incredible rate of change that we as a society find ourselves in, and I was delighted with the lively discussion in the hallways, the passionate positions taken at the microphones….” Jim Carroll can challenge the PGA to think passionately about linking future trends to innovation – he can do the same for you!
  • Client and customer events. Jim has developed a global reputation for delivering concise, relevant content at customer/client events. He keynoted the prestigious CSC Executive Exchange in St. Andrews, Scotland where he spoke to a small, select group of CEO’s and senior executives of global organizations. He’s headlined similar events as Toshiba Australia’s annual client conference, as well as multiple SAP Business Forums in the US and Sweden. He recently spoke at Bombardier’s Global Operators conference on the theme of innovation and trends within the global airline sector. He has earned a solid and powerful reputation for providing unique, customized insight that matches the unique needs and messaging of a client/conference event.
  • The global economy and an agenda for growth: People want to know what’s really going on with the global economy. Jim provides concise insight into these trends, with recent keynotes for such global powerhouses as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Johnson & Johnson, and the National Australia Bank. Jim takes on unique audiences as well: in a recent keynote for the Utah League of Cities. Jim entertained and inspired an audience of mayors and senior leadership staff of cities and towns from all across the state into the national and global trends that are providing for economic opportunity now : thinking about the opportunities of the future, rather than the challenges of the last several years.
  • What’s Next in Healthcare? Healthcare 2020! People are tired of talking about health care reform, and want to know what really comes next! Jim Carroll has been extremely busy in the health care sector. He headlined a private corporate event with senior management of a leading global European healthcare company in Munich, Germany in order to provide some concrete trends on which to build their future strategic plans. He was the opening keynote speaker for the World Pharma Innovation Congress in London, England and opened a conference for 2,000 pharmacists at McKesson IdeaShare. All of these talks focus on the key trends that will transform health through the next decade, far beyond the impact of US and other national efforts at health care reform.
  • How do we innovate faster? What do world class innovators do that others don’t do? Quite a few global organizations in the industrial, commercial products and manufacturing sector have brought me in for CEO or executive level meeting which have concentrated on innovation ; how do we do it, and how do we do it faster? This has include an extensive focus on open innovation and customer oriented innovation.
  • How do we seize transformative opportunities? Many CEO’s and senior executives who arrange for a presentation and interaction with Jim for their senior management team know that we live in a period of significant transformative change, and that opportunities abound, particularly as society works to solve the big problems related to health care, the environment and energy. They also know that there are big opportunities related to business model disruption, the impact of technology, wireless and location intelligence; in seizing upon the changing nature of consumer interaction; and countless other areas where BIG change is happening.

You’ve got issues to address; an agenda that needs to be set; a tone that needs to put out there to start up your event or leadership meeting. Take a look at a few of the potential topic areas Jim can cover and then give him a call to see how he can help you out.